Post-Investment Value Creation


Today’s competitive business landscape make it as challenging as ever for private equity firms to drive their portfolio companies to a successful exit.  Cornerstone Strategic Partners experienced private equity advisors  can work with private equity firms and investors to develop and/or implement post-investment value creation initiatives that are designed to foster:

  • Steady return of growth and profitability
  • Stability in Margins
  • A good defendable market position
  • Diversity in customer base
  • Good credit quality

The firm’s extensive performance improvement expertise allow it to help clients put a laser focus on the drivers of corporate value creation.  Cornerstone private equity advisors can work with investors and portfolio company management to design a comprehensive value creation roadmap that will balance corporate strategy, resources and available capital for maximum value creation results.  Our advisors won’t just provide ideas, they will work with management to ensure they are successfully implemented. 

Cornerstone’s post-investment/acquisition advisory services include:

  • Revenue and Margin Improvement
  • Direct Cost Control
  • SG&A and Overhead Cost Reduction
  • Working Capital Improvement
  • Interim Management
  • Capital Investment Optimization
  • Merger Integration Support
  • Manufacturing and Operational Planning

Cornerstone Strategic Partners (CSP) understands the post-investment value creation challenges private equity firms face and can help them identify the drivers and initiatives that will best maximize their value creation efforts and the increase likelihood of a successful exit.