Private Equity Advisory


In today’s competitive capital landscape, private equity firms face ever increasing challenges from identifying the right companies to invest in, increasing portfolio investment value post acquisition, to developing the right exit plan and achieving it.

Cornerstone Strategic Partners’ (CSP) offers private equity firms, portfolio companies and investment partnerships a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of private equity advisory solutions across the entire investment lifecycle.  The firms deep heritage of providing transactional advisory services to Fortune 500 and private equity backed companies and extensive financial and operational expertise can help private equity firms better identify superior deals, manage deal flow, increase portfolio value creation and evaluate various exit strategies so that they can achieve maximum return on their invested capital.

Private Equity

Our experienced private equity advisory professionals understand that performance improvement is at the heart of the private equity investment model and can work with PE firms’ portfolio companies to significantly increase revenue and income levels through initiatives that are focused on improving sales force effectiveness, reducing costs and increasing overall finance function performance.

The firm also knows that the key to a successful exit event begins long before the exit event actually occurs.  We can work with firms to increase the tangibly increase their portfolio companies value levels, prior to exit and determine when the optimum level of enterprise value creation has occurred that will best ensure a successful exit.

No matter what challenges private equity firms or their portfolio companies are facing, Cornerstone Strategic Partners can offer effective private equity advisory services and expertise across all stages of the investment lifecycle, allowing fund managers to focus on more critical investment issues.