Turnaround and Restructuring


Cornerstone Strategic Partners’ turnaround and restructuring expertise can help managers, investors and stakeholders successfully address the drivers of corporate underperformance and distress across a wide range of industries.  No matter whether companies are underperforming, distressed or healthy with underperforming divisions, Cornerstone’s highly experienced corporate turnaround nd restructuring professionals can tailor the firm’s comprehensive turnaround and restructuring solutions to best address the needs of each individual client.

Regardless of the turnaround and restructuring challenges a company faces, Cornerstone Strategic Partners has the advisory expertise and comprehensive turnaround and restructuring solutions to help companies stabilize their financial position and address their immediate liquidity concerns.  Once our firm has helped management stabilize operations, we can work with them to develop turnarounds and restructurings solutions to increase business performance, restore profitability and regain their competitive advantage.


 Cornerstone Strategic Partners turnaround and restructuring advisory solutions include:

  • Restructuring Advisory Services
  • Addressing Liquidity Concerns
  • Stabilizing Core Operations
  • Cash Position and Cash Conservation Processes and Controls
  • Develop/Implement Cost Reduction Initiatives
  • Business Plan Execution
  • Interim CFO Management
  • Working Capital Optimization
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Lender Negotiations
  • Selling Off Troubled Divisions, Business Segments or Assets
  • Revise Financial Projections
  • Analyze Various Operational Restructuring Scenarios
  • Bankruptcy Process Planning
  • Reorganization Advisory Services
  • Creditor Advisory
  • Fiduciary Advisory Services
  • Managing Internal and External Communications

Cornberstone Strategic Partners’ passion is helping companies address their biggest business challenges, regain their competitive footing and succeed in repositioning themselves for long run value creation.  Our firm knows when our clients are experiencing a turnaround or restructuring crisis, that failure is not an options.  We can work with them to develop an effective turnaround and restructuring plan and then move quickly to implement it.  When companies and stakeholders don’t know where to turn to get help addressing a financial crisis, Cornerstone Strategic Partners can deliver turnaround and restructuring advisory results they can depend on.