Merger Integration Advisory


Cornerstone knows that while transactions are entered into because of their value creation opportunities, how much value that is ultimately realized is determined by successful navigation of the merger integration process.  Our firm’s significant merger integration advisory expertise and comprehensive integration framework allow us to help clients achieve early wins, build momentum and instill confidence in their stakeholders.  We deliver time-tested merger integration advisory solutions to support client integration teams and supplement those teams with experience resources.


Our Merger Integration Advisory Services Include:

  • Comprehensive, detailed integration planning
  • Day One plan
  • Development and execution of (100-Day Plan)
  • Technology and systems integration
  • Strategic assessment of products, services, channels, and pricing
  • Analysis of target’s project and total capital expenditures
  • Design optimal future state operations
  • Identification and tracking of merger synergies
  • Management reporting integration
  • Data, knowledge and records integration management
  • Accounting and operations process rationalization
  • Legal entity, department and personnel integration rationalization
  • Employee retention compensation plan design
  • Supply chain management
  • Target corporate governance assessment and integration
  • Preparation of appropriate internal and external communications

Various studies have shown that 83% of all mergers fail to create value and half actually destroy value.  Cornerstone’s merger integration advisory professionals can help ensure that the integration of the target’s assets, systems, personnel, technologies and culture is successful and will lead to the transactional value creation that stakeholders expect.