Buy Side Due Diligence


Cornerstone Strategic Partners comprehensive buy side due diligence solutions and extensive transactional expertise ensure clients that the due diligence process will uncover the information that will balance each transaction’s value creation opportunities against its associated risks in order to help clients make the best possible investment decisions possible.

Our firm utilizes a rigorous buy side due diligence approach that comprehensively analyzes and validates the key financial, operational and strategic aspects of the deal, to ensure you have the information you need to validate each transaction’s underlying value creation assumptions, while ensuring that no undisclosed material financial, operational risk factors, or other surprises emerge after the deal has been signed.


Our buy side due diligence advisory solutions include:

Our buy side due diligence professionals possess substantial experience diligence across a wide variety of industries which will often result in a quicker completion of the due diligence process.  The firm utilizes a client-centric buy side diligence approach in which we collaborate with you at all stages of the buy side due diligence process so we can understand your unique situation while working with you, your attorneys and advisors on issues from to identifying and mitigating deal risks to devising cost-effective tax structuring as quickly as possible.

Cornerstone’s buy side due diligence services will provide you with the transactional expertise and support you need, so you can have the confidence that the transactional decisions about whether to invest or exit a company will be the right one.