Performance Improvement


From the very beginning, Cornerstone Strategic Partners (CSP) passion has been helping companies strengthen their competitive position in the marketplace and maximize their long run value creation.  We believe the best way to help clients avoid a major turnaround or restructuring crisis in the future is by working with them to address the drivers of corporate underperformance today.

Cornerstone Strategic Partners deep industry expertise and comprehensive performance improvement advisory capabilities allow us to quickly put a laser focus on the drivers of a company’s corporate underperformance and weakening competitive position.  Our experienced performance improvement professionals can work with management to design a comprehensive corporate renewal framework that will realign corporate strategy, resources and investment capital for sustainable long term growth and value creation.

Performance Improvement (Final)

Depending on the business challenges each client is facing, Cornerstone Strategic Partners can design customized performance improvement advisory solutions that are focused on:

  • Steady return of growth and profitability
  • Improving revenue and margin levels
  • Controlling direct costs
  • Rationalizing overhead and SG&A levels
  • Working capital improvement
  • Capital expenditures and investment optimization
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of their market position
  • Customer base diversification
  • Credit quality improvement

Our professionals won’t just design the corporate performance improvement plans, they will work with company management to ensure that they are successfully implemented.  Performance Improvement  Performance Improvement