Corporate Strategy


Cornerstone Strategic Partners (CSP) has the expertise to help companies address the strategic issues they are likely to encounter in today’s competitive business landscape.  Depending on the strategy issues a client is faced with, the firm can help design customized strategic solutions that will strengthen their competitive position, achieve long run, sustainable growth and maximize value creation.  Our core areas of expertise include: 

Corporate Strategy:  Cornerstone Strategic Partners corporate strategy solutions can help clients develop a unified corporate strategy framework that is focused on strengthening their competitive position, increasing profitability and ensuring that the consolidated enterprise value is greater than the sum of its individual business segments, divisions and/or product lines.

Growth Strategy:  We work with all stages of companies and their corporate stakeholders to help formulate effective corporate strategies for achieving sustainable, long run growth.  Our expertise allows us to work with management to understand and unlock the company’s drivers of sustainable growth based on existing resources and available capital.  Additionally, we can advise management on the level of external financing required should higher levels of growth need to be achieved, and then work with them to properly structure the best financing vehicle and get it funded.  The value to our clients is not just in developing the right growth strategies, but in having the operational expertise to assist our clients in ensuring these strategies are properly executed and maintained.

Corp Strategy Secondary

Business Unit and Segment Strategy: Our focus is always on how best tmaximize the overall growth capabilities of the company as a whole.  In the case of companies that have operations across multiple continents or multiple business units/segments we can help management address the growth challenges faced by certain underperforming geographic regions, business units or segments.  Where necessary we can advise clients on when it is best to exit certain segments or business lines so that the company can better achieve its full economic potential.

Product Line Strategy:  Cornerstone Strategic Partners can utilize its highly effective corporate strategy advisory solutions to help clients maximize the growth of individual product lines, as well as how best to accelerate innovation for new product development and across the full customer experience.

Workshops:  CSP corporate strategy professionals can conduct growth strategy workshops for clients to help identify new growth opportunities, prioritize strategic options, and devise plans for executing those options that are likely to achieve the maximum results in growth.  Corporate Strategy