Compensation Advisory


Companies today face increasingly complex issues in structuring executive compensation and benefit programs, which are critical in attracting and retaining top talent. A well-designed compensation and incentives package is an important component of an executive’s financial arrangement and an organization’s business strategy.   The foundation of every Cornerstone Strategic Partners’ compensation advisory solution is the belief that a company’s employees are its most important asset and one of its few sustainable competitive advantages long term.

The firm can help clients design customized compensation and incentive solutions that will effectively align their organization’s leadership team with its business strategy, key objectives and stakeholders.  The utilizes a proven business approach and draws on its extensive compensation advisory heritage to help companies determine the appropriate balance of cash, broad-based qualified benefits, supplemental nonqualified executive benefits and equity compensation that will most effectively address their particular compensation and incentive challenges.

Cornerstone Strategic Partners’ team of dedicated compensation advisory professionals have the expertise to deliver value based compensation and incentive solutions that will help clients align management and performance objectives and retain the top talent that is so critical to achieving business success.


The firm’s compensation advisory practice can assist clients with:

  • Compensation Strategy Development
  • Commission Plan Design and Modeling
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Annual Incentive Plan Design
  • Long-Term Incentive Plan Design
  • Compensation Committee Organization
  • Board of Directors Compensation
  • Reporting and Regulatory Requirements
  • SEC Disclosures
  • Strategic Transactions
  • Stock Ownership Guidelines
  • Employment Contracts
  • Recoupment Policies
  • Executive Retirement Plans