Why Choose CSP


At Cornerstone Strategic Partners (CSP) we recognize our clients have different advisory options available to them to address their business needs.  That is why CSP was founded with one goal in mind – to provide our clients with world class advisory solutions that will have a lasting impact on corporate value and enable them to compete more effectively in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.  Our clients choose us because of:

Strategic Partnership Approach:  The firm’s heritage from the very beginning has been to work with our clients more as a strategic partner and not just as consultants or staffing solution.  We strive to have this mindset pervade every aspect of every client engagement from how we customize our advisory solutions for each client, to our client communications, how we conduct meetings, complete work deliverables and meet deadlines.  Our clients know we are there to address their problems and not just for the advisory fees.


Real Expertise, Real Results:  We use our solid blend of financial, operational and industry expertise to quickly identify the drivers of the business challenge and then to develop customized, tangible, value driven solutions unique to our clients.  Many of our clients have ended up retaining us at the conclusion of an engagement to address other business challenges, lead highly visible corporate initiatives, or even to stay on in a permanent or an interim management capacity, because of how much they have come to rely on and trust our advisory expertise to help run their businesses.

Ability To Leverage the Drivers of Growth, Profitability and Value Creation:  Competing and succeeding in today’s hyper-competitive business climate has never been more challenging.   Management of many companies are so busy just trying to “run the business”  that they lack the necessary time and resources to properly position the company for long run profitability and value creation.

CSP strong roots in corporate renewal, corporate strategy and transaction advisory enable the firm to work with clients to better understand the true drivers of their profitability and value creation.  We can then work with them to develop a customized solution that will best leverage their asset base, resources and capital availability to achieve sustainable, long-run profitability and value creation.

Passion, Commitment and Doing Right by Our Clients:  CSP brings to our clients passion, dedication, and commitment to achieving our clients’ desired results.  Our professionals have a long track record of doing right by clients and delivering high performance advisory results.